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Lead Generation for SaaS

Client Industry: Professional Services & Software as a Service
Duration: 18 Months / on-going

The Challenge - The client’s marketing team was under pressure to deliver tangible value to the sales organization. The VP of Sales was mandated to accelerate inbound and outbound lead-gen results which could impact current year sales results. Building an in-house business development team from scratch was considered but ultimately vetoed. Offshore outsourcing was considered for the lead-gen function, but not supported by business stakeholders.

The Solution - Outbound/IN executed a custom lead-gen program built on the proven 5-touch prospecting methodology. The client was assigned a dedicated SDR and project manager that functioned as an extension of the Client’s team. The onboarding component of the program included industry research, competitor analysis, prospect list building, script development, SDR training, strategy workshops, and integration into the Client’s CRM.

The Result - The first six-figure deal was identified in 2 weeks and closed within 6 weeks. We could not have achieved our 2022 results without this contribution. Business Development as a Service has proven to be a cost-effective and efficient option for us. To my mind, the success of this engagement was predicated by a well-planned and executed onboarding/discovery process leading to predictable results over the subsequent months.

Client extended engagement for an additional12 months with additional services.

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