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Cybersecurity Seeks D.E.I.&B Awareness

Project: Cybersecurity Seeks D.E.I. Awareness
Client Industry: Cybersecurity SIEM, Cloud AI
Duration: 120 days

The Challenge - A Boulder, CO cybersecurity company was interested in exploring the areas of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the benefit of improving the quality of their workplace. The expanding global reach of the firm also led to a desire to become more culturally aware to improve the customer experience of an increasingly diverse marketplace requiring cybersecurity services.

The Solution - A needs analysis was conducted of all departments of the firm including human resources, concierge, engineering, sales and marketing, executive management. While several approaches to program development were discussed, considerations of time and budget became deciding factors for selecting the most customer facing and least diverse department within the company as the target for an introductory awareness training intervention. Prospective participants completed a pre class survey to gauge their awareness of workplace inclusiveness.

The Results - Training material was developed and gamification techniques were used over the course of the 3 day learning experience of 63 people. In each of the 4 hour sessions participants completed the IAT developed by Banaji and Greenwald. Participants were surprised to learn of biases and made aware of "Mindbugs" that often impact our daily thinking and perceptions of others in the workplace and beyond. Using gamification techniques and role play allowed material to be presented in a non threatening and non judgemental manner that made the environment conducive to exchanging ideas and honest discussion. A post seminar survey revealed all participants felt awareness was achieved and 85% believed they would make changes to how they engaged with co-workers they viewed as different. Participants began to recognize the evolution to embracing diversity, equity and inclusion is an ongoing and continuous learning journey.

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