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Herding Nomads - Reclaiming Lost Customers

Project: Herding Nomads for Customer Reclamation
Client Industry: SaaS for practice management, tax preparation, and documentation
Duration: 30 Days

The Challenge - As one of the oldest US firms of its type, the client had accumulated a cache of over 6500 + nomad customers who roamed away to choose alternatives to their product. With new features to offer, the client wanted to reclaim as many of these nomads as possible. However, due to non-disclosure agreements, reaching these former customers by email was not an option. Another layer of the challenge was added since the campaign would have to take place at the height of the 2022 tax season.

The Solution - As we are DHHS credentialed with Responsible Conduct in Research in the Social and Behavioral Sciences certification, our staff expert designed an instrument to engage the potential conquest customers with a telephone blitz for 30 days. Outreach to former customers from every time zone in the United States ensued during this whirlwind of a campaign for customer conquest reclamation.

The Result - The team left nearly 2500 voicemail messages, 1200 messages with live persons, and 230 people answered but wanted a call back because they were “too busy to talk.” There were 940 businesses that were no longer in existence or had telephone numbers that had been disconnected. 345 had voicemail boxes that were not activated, 440 didn’t answer, and 310 calls resulted in the person simply hanging up the telephone. Outbound/IN also discovered 590 customers identified as “previous” were actual “existing” customers that had been misidentified in the client’s CRM. We were able to schedule 309 demos of the new software sending our client down the path to reclaim lost customers!

The client engaged us to present detailed results of the study to their entire sales and marketing team with 2 days of training at their headquarters.

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