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Video Games Outbound BDaaS Pilot

Project: International Educational Entertainment Video Game Producer
Client Industry: Video Game
Duration: 60 Day Pilot

The Challenge - Company was reliant on only inbound activity to support sales. This lack of predictability led the company to seek additional support to increase awareness of the product with non profit markets and build a funnel of predicatable sales.

The Solution - Utilize the experienced resources of Outbound/IN to identify a cadence for outreach to the target market. Outbound/In created a customized list of 2100 contracts and began outreach quickly. The BDaaS team on this project were undeterred by the shortened holiday months and executed with precision to find the best cadence for making contact.

The Result - During the 60 day period, which was shortened by the December/January holiday, Outbound/IN BDaaS representatives were able to leave _______________, leave ____voicemail messages, __________email messages and book 23 meetings which were passed on to the clients inbound sales representatives. 155 prospects are in the newly created sales funnel.

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